Here I am in a TV8 trailer for a program called Draknästet(Dragons Den/Shark Tank) with my exam in telerobotics.
We are about about 30 minuts in to the video. The program will be aired Monday 6 april 2015 kl. 21.00 .

Here is a link to the video on facebook where we get the deal.
I work as a Key Account Manager for and if you need a cost free cash register in your cell phone, just contact me.
If you register on our webpage you get a transaction fee on 2.5%, but if you contact me, I can give you a transaction fee free contract, totally free from any costs.
You get a website, that is you cach register, that you can open in any internet device.

: Click here to send me an email.

IPSO Challenge 2014
I was nominated in a global competition from USA called IPSO CHALLENGE 2014.
Google and other companies payed flight and hotel for me to meet the jury in Chicago 21 - 29 june 2014.

We are now on Kickstarter to see if we can get any funding to be able to build a telerobotic game.
If you have your own built or buyed robot on our arena you get first in line when you want to play
and when you don't play we rent it out for you and split the profit.
You can get up to 200 000 SEK/year or 60 000 USD/year for every robot you have.

GameReality is now mentioned in USA in Wireless Design & Development
Hej. Jag är civilingenjör i teknisk fysik från LTH med examen 2005 och behöver ett arbete.
Hello. I have a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from LTH and I am looking for a job.
My main interests is in telerobotics and particle physics.

Here the newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad / NST write about my nomination in USA at IPSO Challenge 2014.
One project I did a telerobotic system to, was awarded in USA and Europe and was called "Ariel fashion shoot".
I have been looking for as M.Sc. in Engineering Physics work with a sign in Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm, Oslo etc since 2007 in all of Scandinavia.
Here I am in newspaper Metro from Malmö.
Here I painted an "M.Sc. in Engineering Physics" job ad, on a highway wall.
Here is another article in HD about my "M.Sc. in Engineering Physics" job add on a highway wall.
Here is an article when I look for work as M.Sc. in Engineering Physics in the newspaper CITY Malmö 18/6 2013.
Here is a blog from Norway when I was looking for work as M.Sc. in Engineering Physics in Oslo in august 2013.
Here is a article when I look for as M.Sc. in Engineering Physics work in newspaper SydSvenskan 30/10 2013.
Here is a article when I look for as M.Sc. in Engineering Physics work in newspaper CITY Helsingborg 28/12 2009.
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